Concert at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall

We hosted a benefit concert at Carnegie Hall on October 9, 2021 at 8PM EST. Thank you Bloomberg Philanthropies for sponsoring our concert and Usher’s New Look for the support and resources! We have raised over $35k from this concert and other community events, which will be used to create a scholarship rewarding low-income BIPOC students in the Arts.

All funds raised will provide financial aid for Arts programs in need and award underrepresented, low-income students with scholarships.

We hope this scholarship will help reduce students’ financial burdens and create diverse, equitable, and inclusive Arts spaces. 

Please donate to this urgent cause, so we can help as many in need Arts programs and ambitious artists as possible. 

Thank you for donating and supporting the Arts. Your generosity will help millions of students in need.

Guest Performance


Illegal is a new musical about some of America’s first illegal immigrants. Written by Skyler Chin and directed by Olivia Facini, Illegal breathes life into history with rap, rock, spoken word, kung fu, comedy, and colorful characters. Inspired by his own grandfather’s detainment and interrogation on Angel Island in San Francisco Bay in 1923, Skyler wrote the show in 2019 in response to the xenophobic immigration policies of the Trump administration. Although the characters are fictional, many lyrics and stories are real and come from historical documents and poetry carved into the walls by Angel Island detainees. For 2021 AAPI Heritage Month, the creative team took a virtual tour of community organizations and schools, including AALDEF, AIISF, OCA, AAARI-CUNY, CAPA, Apex for Youth, The Nueva School, and Great Neck South High School. The team is currently raising funds to mount a professional production in 2022, to commemorate the 140th anniversary of the Chinese Exclusion Act. We invite you to watch our show trailer here and to donate to our fundraising campaign here.

Music For Change Scholarship

This scholarship rewards low-income BIPOC students in the Arts. We hope our efforts can create more equitable, diverse, and inclusive Arts spaces worldwide.

Eligibility Description: 

  • Students of color attending a non-profit public or private school. Must have financial need and participate in the Arts. There is no age or location requirement. 

These are the materials you’ll need for the application:

  • Resume: List of awards and volunteer/employment/extracurricular activities
  • Transcript 
  • For performers: video(s) of your talent (max 20 minutes) // For artists: portfolio of artwork 
  • Your financial information including family income (Please upload a clear image of your parents or legal guardians previous year tax report via the application form below) 
  • Supplemental Essays 
    • 1. Music For Change participants come from over 30 countries, spanning from as far away as China and the Middle East. In 650 words or less, tell us about where you’re from–country, state, city, town, neighborhood, or even just your family–and how it has shaped you into who you are. 
    • 2. If awarded the scholarship, what would you use it towards? (program costs, classes, etc) (Max 300 words) 
    • 3. Please share with us any additional information that you wish (optional)

Students will be rewarded $100-1,500 in scholarship money based on their financial circumstances, talent/skill, academic achievement, and writing. 

There is no deadline to this scholarship and will be based on rolling admission. Applicants will receive their decision in less than a month of submission. 

Scholarship application:

Please email for any questions. We thank you for your interest! 

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