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  1. In the beginning, introduce yourself (your name, where you’re from, your school, profession etc.), and state how your music piece can bring change (awareness, hope, optimism, etc) to a current event that is happening in the world.
  2. Nominate 2 more people to do the Music For Change Challenge! Post your video on your instagram story or facebook- make sure to tag the 2 nominated people, our instagram (@music_forchange), and use #musicforchange 
  3. Submit the video at 

When you send your video it may take up to a few days for it to appear on this website and our social media pages. We will contact you once your video is on our website.

Here is a small list of some Current Events that your video could be based upon (feel free to choose a current event that is not on this list):

  • COVID-19 
  • Black Lives Matter Movement
  • Climate change and Global Warming
  • Feminism and Women Empowerment
  • Underrepresented Minorities
  • SpaceX
  • Quarantine/self isolation 
  • Police brutality 
  • Racism/Racial Inequality
  • Asian representation in media and Hollywood 
  • LGBTQ Acceptance 
  • Mental health and emotional wellbeing
  • Human/sex Trafficking
  • Yemen food crisis
  • ICE
  • Xinjiang Muslim Camps
  • Civil War in Libya

For video examples, please visit View the Videos

Thank you for your video! Together we can create a world filled with peace and love through the universal language of music. 

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